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For me its easy because Traktor has a built in history, i can export a nice playlist with all the data (played count, bitrate, key, rating, title, release, artist whatever). But we try to get a userfriendly all-in-1 solution for all DJs with different soft/hardware & settings.
based on other stations, you basically need to implement or use a setup someone has already made as none of this is natively possible.

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Is there an option to gather artist & title infos from shoutcast-server and store it in a database ?
other than polling the DNAS or doing it at the source level (which is basically what the suggestions above my post are doing), the tools do not natively provide any logging to a database. i have thought it might be an idea to add some sort of now playing logging to the DNAS but that would not be to a db, just a text file i think which can then be processed afterwards (though the actual format to use for the file isn't something i've thought about as it would need to be done so it's easily parsed by other tools).

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And i`m still searching for the way how shoutcast work with the audiostream. Its only 128kbps, with the modern hardware & huge bandwith it should work with a minimal delay.
If my DJ laptop can work with up to 4 tracks (lossless WMA/FLAC) with a 5ms latency,so for what that huge delay ?
if you're doing Traktor Pro > Icecast server > Stream Transcoder V3 > Shoutcast server then you're definitely going to have buffering in the Icecast server as well as the SHOUTcast server as that is done to deal with network delays and provide a more consistent stream to clients. the Stream Transcoder V3 stage also introduces a delay (how much i don't know as i've not used it). so yes things can be done with a low latency but bear in mind when these stream types were created and broadband was not the common so buffering was needed (and still is what with the rise of mobile devices).

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