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When I said "transcoder v2" I meant shoutcast transcoder v2. "streamtranscoder" is something entirely different and THERE the v2 seriously sucks . Currently you have 5 steps to deliver music to the listener.

1) Traktor uses buffering to deliver a stable stream
2) icecast itself barely increase the latency but as daz said it does
3) streamtranscoder v3 uses a lot of CPU time to reencode the stream which causes most of the latency of the stream delivery
4) shoutcast doesnt add much but like icecast does a bit
5) the player the listener is using does some buffering as well to make sure the listener can listen to an uninterrupted stream. how many seconds depends on the player and its settings

Throwing away the antique setup and using Shoutcast DNAS Server and Shoutcast DNAS Transcoder, both in v2, you can reduce the latency of the stream itself to the technically possible minimum.
The shoutcast transcoder v2 uses way less CPU time and is much faster, smoother and more stable than streamtranscoder.
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