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The CPU load is not a problem, because Traktor is running on my laptop, icecast & streamtranscoder on my PC (only with fullHD screen & webcam capture i got some noticeable problems with that setup).

I will try it, I was just hoping for a solution to bring the entire buffering system down and run with a max 200ms latency (so i can see if something goes wrong instantly). No chance to get it, even with VirtualDJ which can stream to shoutcast by itself.
Even there the delay is over 20sec between VirtualDJ and a client connected to shoutcast.

But that is not the main problem - its working fine, i just dont like the huge delay.

The main problem is the playlist thing, i still have no idea to get this done without writing a script (and that will take months, we need it yesterday^^)...
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