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Originally Posted by cryonic View Post
I will try it, I was just hoping for a solution to bring the entire buffering system down and run with a max 200ms latency (so i can see if something goes wrong instantly). No chance to get it, even with VirtualDJ which can stream to shoutcast by itself.
Even there the delay is over 20sec between VirtualDJ and a client connected to shoutcast.
200ms is never going to be something you're going to get with the setup you're using. it's not even viable when doing just Source -> DNAS -> Client since as i've said, the protocol is designed to buffer things and the only way to lessen that is to stream at higher bitrates just to fill and churn through the buffer size faster.

Originally Posted by cryonic View Post
The main problem is the playlist thing, i still have no idea to get this done without writing a script (and that will take months, we need it yesterday^^)...
loads of people think x,y and z should have been in place for years but it's hard to do it when you have a small team or even no team at all (as sadly was the case for a while) so hopefully there will the time to allocate to working on such things. however as it's saturday night and i'm working on other things, you may be right with the 'months' aspect.

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