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Originally Posted by cryonic View Post
Mhhh OK. Shoutcast feels a bit like a dinosaur, teleported into 2012.
Missing some basic functions, but there is no real alternative to it.
you've got my ear, please explain / quantify what you think is missing, etc. and yes there probably are things which should be added but it's whether cost of the time involved in doing things fits with what is wanted by those paying for the tools to be developed (as a lot of what i've got added and upcoming probably wouldn't have been done normally under the normal setup of how things are chosen). and with that, i'm now going to get some sleep as i'm done coding and testing DNAS updates for today.

and from a quick look for 'Ableton Live' shows me a product being sold from $449 and up - the SHOUTcast tools are provided for free so there is going to be a disparity unless you want to pay that much to use the DNAS, etc and then yes i've no problem coding in some of the most spurious of requests (and then sit back and watch as the bloat complaints come through like i've seen from Winamp features which add just one check box and a few lines of code to a dialog and it's instantly 'bloat' *shrugs*)

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