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Userfriendly plugin support, all with graphical GUI.
Something like a VST for the DAW software - third party software, you copy the file, scan for it, register it and it works.
Full support for all versions of DJ & Producer software like Serato (all 3 products with different versions), Traktor LE/Pro/Scratch Pro (same here, all products), Ableton Live and about 15 other DJ programms what people use right now (they are just good, thats why people use it, the only problem - missing support for broadcasting, even if they got that option, its not really good - Traktor with Icecast & Ogg streaming only is a good example).

Full support for DJ hardware - reading ID3 tags from CD-decks.
A client with full ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI driver support (all low latency), MIDI, HID (next step, 14bit MIDI resolution), and many other stuff - there are just too much stuff what came in the last 3-5 years.

Depends on what hard&software people use, there are so many options & problems to get it all set up right on 1 server without a lot of functions, its not really plug & play...
In the last month i was configuring my software setup & shoutcast longer, than my show goes...
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