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i think you're confusing yourself as what you're talking about is more about the source side of things rather than the platform of the tools overall as the tone of your comment implied the platform as a whole. if they don't support the SHOUTcast protocol then there's really not much which can be done about it on our side of the fence.

"ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI driver support" would have no effect on the official tools, especially with lowering latency as that has nothing to do with the specific buffers which are in place in the DNAS and Transcoder, etc and those are to do with audio output and nothing to do with SHOUTcast itself and is something that is down to the client software to make use off, not us directly. and really having a low latency on the output is all fine but if as you've found you have a 20sec+ delay on the stream, low latency client audio output is a negligible concern.

really, out of what you've said, the only area i think that may have some possibility of happening (including the playlist logging aspect already mentioned as something i was considering to try to get time allocated to implement) would be being able to use Traktor as a source though that would then imply Ogg Vorbis stream support being added to the DNAS, Transcoder and Source DSP. everything else i think is outside the realm of what the official tools and SHOUTcast platform as a whole are about as what is provided is either the means to be listed or is a source which is good enough to do the key aspect of broadcasting, but most of what you wanted i think just doesn't fit in with the aim of the tools or just is not worth the time vs return on investment.

from what i can tell, most of the issues you have is down to a disparity in 3rd party solutions on what they do and do not offer you as a user and how that fits into the overall flow from audio creation to listener enjoyment. the general impression i get is you're wanting all the bells and whistles which is something you only tend to find on the paid for source software as that's what they are all about (which probably won't do everything you want as everyone focuses on different things) and that's not what the official tools are ever intended as being.

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