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Capturing audio is really easy. Almost everything designed for DJs has multiple outputs, record/booth out, some software has even a built in virtual cable to synchronise it with other software if the software support this (Here comes the MIDI into play, MIDI Clock is the key).
The main problem is - how to get metadata out of the software ?
Traktor is pretty nice, it has a built in "master" function, that set 1 track to master and send that data, even with 3 other tracks running at the same time.

My prefered setup is Traktor Pro + Ableton Live (sound from Traktor routed through Ableton, works great with an 40ms overall latency), but there is no way to get anything more than just a pure analog sound signal out of it. So i need a third party tool to stream this.
edCast worked fine for it, but i need the Titlestreaming.

Thats why i`m searching for a tool that can do it without my help.

But as i can see, there is no such tool right now, not even an expensive one.

That leaves the main problem - how can i get a working playlist/logfile out of Shoutcast ?
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