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I meant to use MediaInfo to see if you can spot the difference between good and bad videos. Once you can consistently locate which are the bad ones, post a (non-copyright) video to somewhere like or so we can have a look and see if someone can reproduce your issue.

Where are these videos from? Are we talking legally sourced? Video Camera? Your own rips? Or randomly sourced via the Internet? I am not going to preach legalese at you, but some of the videos on the pirate sites are of varying quality.

Have you tried playing these videos in Windows Media Player? What happens?

Have you tried VLC? That comes with its own built in Codecs. (Codecs being the routines that make sense of what type of video you have and plays it back correctly)

(I suggest these alternatives mainly to be able to make sure the source videos are okay... most of this should play okay in Winamp)
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