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Do you have Winamp PRO or the free one?

I am not used to Handbrake, but if you aer ripping to H.264 then you will need the Pro version of Winamp to playback (I think - I've had PRO for so long I forget what extras I have).

What format are you ripping the DVDs to? What settings in Handbrake?

If you check the Winamp Preferences, look at Plugins \ Input and locate the DirectShow Decoder and the MP4 Demuxer. Check the list of extensions in there to work out which one is decoding the video.

Are you sure you don't have any third party Winamp Plugins getting in the way here?

What is confusing me is the inconstancies. You don't seem to be able to narrow it down to something always repeatable on the same file types. This makes it more of a puzzle.

As these are mainly for your own use, have you tried changing settings in Handbrake to rip to a different video type?
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