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Quick testing updates:

* My Test PC is a Win 7 PC running the very latest Winamp Beta release.
* This is a fresh install, fully service packed, legal Windows 7 Professional.
* NO other programs installed on the PC except for Winamp Beta, Opera web browser and Adobe Flash.
* NO codec packs installed.
* NO other video playback programs installed (not even VLC).
* Using onboard Intel video card and onboard Realtek audio.
* Connected to AV Amp via HDMI cable.
* Winamp is still unregistered on there. The Free edition without my Pro licence added.

All of your videos have played back first time without troubles. Audio and video.

This test kills off anything Winamp related really. Couldn't find a more basic setup than is currently on that PC. Even down to using crud onboard audio and video.

I can now only assume something is messed up with your codecs on that PC.
* Does Media Player Classic always reliably play back these videos?
* Does Windows Media Play always reliably play back these videos?
* Try uninstalling the K-Lite codec pack. Then try Winamp again.
* Have you ever tried to configure your codecs? Maybe something was left broken after an experiment?

* What is the sound card?
* Are you using the LATEST drivers for your Sound Card?
* Where do you get the drivers for it?

The weirdest thing is your descriptions of these videos "sometimes" working. Or how they work on subsequent plays. The lack of a pattern is the most bizarre part of this.
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