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Its a NSV file and I looked up what it was and its made specifically for nullsoft product so....I hope this URL is wht u need:

I tried uninstalling it and installing an older version and it didn't even acknowledge that the file was being sent to it and didn't pop up and then uninstalled the old one and reinstalled the new again and the same thing happened. 401 authorization required. The site was made with the winamp as its primary and only means of playing files and they have only just recently expanded to an on site player, but it only plays a select popular few from a very large selection of television shows mostly in what they call the NSV archive. This has been how I have watched videos from this site for over 2 years so I hope this won't be a big problem. Thanks for your reply and I didn't mean to sound impatient b4 but I have enjoyed the winamp services for quite some time with no problems and was quite shocked when I did.Looking forward to your responce Vandave
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