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Have you googled NSV? It stands for Nullsoft streaming video, nullsoft being the makers of winamp. If you would like I could give you my password info and you could try it for yourself and then when you were done I could simply change it to something else? Its just frustating cuz it has worked for every other version of winamp I have used and I pay for this service (in2streams that is) and there are no other players that play this content I think. I'll have to check that out for sure but I enjoy using winamp the best and don't want to change, plzzzz oorrr you could just pay a meazly 9.99 for just a month and try the service out for your self? Its a great service and you guys are in a way buiness parters. They use your sevice exclusively?......Just an idea and one I think you'll be happy with for some work related research, ya never know it might come in handy in the future dealings with this problem.
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