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Hi Anders!
Actually you said enough according to the information that I provided to you. I found the problem. The answer is somewhere in this discussion, but unfortunately I couldn't figure it out immediately. Many years ago (>10 years) I made a small extension in the InstallLib macro. It was required to update DLLs with the same version that are already installed. Therefore I modified the script and added a define LIBRARY_VERSION_UPDATEWHENEQUAL that enables this behavior. I copied all the code of the InstallLib macro in my own file and I stopped using Library.nsh to avoid problems with the new versions. Then I completely forgot for this... until now... So it is exactly as you said - I'm using an old version of Library.nsh (not directly, but a code from it). I tried to use again the original Library.nsh and there are no more warnings. But the question now is - can I install DLLs with the same version without my modifications? If I can do this, I will remove my own code and I will not have such problems in the future.
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