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all i've done is look at the exported functions from the dll and there's no trace of what is needed for ATF handling, so i have to assume it's a in_psf specific handling or it's doing something weird (is a long time since i last used it). i know the xSF tag format wasn't too complex when i added the ATF support to 64th Note, and i had always toyed with the idea of trying to implement a generic xSF tag handling as an extra wrapper plug-in for the other xSF formats whose plug-ins hadn't or wouldn't be updated to support Winamp's ATF methods (though how Winamp does those sort of things made it tricky to get anything reliable working so i ditched the idea in the end).

in_flac as is shipped has no means to set titles out-side of the ATF handling. like i said above, you can use the ATF methods to do things specifically for a file type or extension so you should be able to achieve what's wanted (within reason) of one main ATF and then a handling fallback for the psf files. best to check the ATF docs for more details on what's available.

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