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Some weeks ago I was trying to add tooltips to my skin but failed because I could not find out how to overwrite Winamp's own "tooltip engine". Grabbing the xml and script files from the freeform folder and implementing into my skin was a piece of cake. Too bad Winamp kept refusing to use "my" font and "my" font size which were placed within the new files. I constantly saw this tiny and ugly text and did not know why.

The other day, while enjoying Victor's Big Bento Modern skin I noticed those nice tooltips with this beautiful font while moving my mouse pointer over the main window. I had to try it again and got it done! I have absolutely no idea what I was doing wrong, but tonight I see the first tooltip on Quinto's Main Player in bigger fontsize, so I will be adding a bunch of them in the coming days.

I have a question: Would it be a good idea if users could change the text of a tooltip into something more sophisticated/elegant or even into their own native language? And what about changing the context menu entries from English into another language. (as we all know, 90% of context menu lines within Quinto Options are not translated and hence only in English).

What do you think?
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