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The only thing clicked on was the library tab. I added one album into the winamp library via the initial pop-up request. I have done nothing other than that. It's simply a navigation issue...I can't figure out how to navigate back to see the origional default view once the library pane has been clicked.
The default view shows what was played, how many times it was played, ect. like a playlist.
Explanding the library (by dragging) doesn't bring any info into it, re-adding media doesn't bring anything into this pane. I want the info displayed in the center bottom of the default screen. I just want to be able to navigate back to the view that pops up when initaially installed, before my 1 click away into this mess.
I have no plug-ins. This is one click from the install of winamp, I promise. one click.
I have installed your plug-in to produce the report and hopefully attaching as .txt is what you want.
Thank you for trying to help <3
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