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I've looked through here a bit and haven't quite found the answer I am looking for (great tool by the way). I want to work out a code to run through albums that I choose and create a log for missing tracks, or even better to create a "placeholder" mp3 in a directory and add new track to library.

The tricks:
- Name the file %artist% - %album%/%tracknumber% - %artist% - Missing Track.mp3 for metadata.
- "Missing Track" title allows for a smart view in Media Library (title = 'Missing Track').
- Go to smart view in album/artist mode and find all incomplete albums and missing tracks at your fingertips!

Why not "add seperator" or why anything?
- I have tried a custom "add seperator" to each incomplete album one by one and saving as a playlist. This works but is slow and doesn't help point out missing tracks.
- When there are too many incomplete albums and tracks to remember what needs updating.
- The aesthetics of having a track for every spot in an album, complete or not.

How does it "think"?
- What is the highest track number, according to the library?
- Is there supposed to be a track before this one?
- Is there a library entry for this track?
- If not, assume there is no file for it and create the placeholder file.
- Repeat through to track #1.

I'm not technically expert here, but I know the logic. Can anyone help? I think a lot of us could use it. I should point out that this would be for an established mostly-accurate library and should only be executed on albums you know to be largely complete.

I have tried creating blank text files and changing the extension. This serves the purpose of adding a library entry and the file did keep idv3 tags but I am sure there are other issues with this.
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