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Win XP SP2. P4 3Ghz. 1024meg RAM. DirectX 9.0c.

Clean install of 5.23 (same with 5.22) with no added plugins.

In the Bookmarks section of the Winamp Library I have several various urls of shoutcast streams (mostly mp3, but also aac+ etc.).

Sometimes I like to flick through them, in the same kinda way you flick through your channels when watching tv 'til you find something you like.

As I said with Winamp 5.21 and older versions, this delay bug never existed, it was instant; the moment I double-clicked a url it would instantly be added to the playlist and begin to buffer. With these newer versions, there is a delay before it is added to the playlist.

As I said I know it's no major bug, but a hassle nonetheless, seeing as if anything Winamp should be getting better with each update and not worse/slower. Yes I'm being a little picky, but if the programmers are unaware of this it may also help them somewhere down the track if ever it happens with another section of Winamp (and also I'm hoping they can fix this current bug).
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