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It's an easy fix. The problem lies within this table...

<!-- icon key -->
<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%" align="center">
<tr><td colspan="5" align="center"><font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="1">All times are GMT -5 hours. The time now is 06:05 PM.</font></td></tr>
<tr><td rowspan="2" width="50%">&amp;nbsp;</td>
<td nowrap><font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="1"><img src="images/newfolder.gif" border="0" alt="New Posts"> <b>New posts</b> &amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;</font></td>
<td nowrap><font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="1">( <img src="images/newhotfolder.gif" border=0 alt="Hot Thread"> <b>More than 20 replies or 150 views</b> )&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;</font></td>

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<td rowspan="2" width="50%">&amp;nbsp;</td></tr>
<!-- /icon key -->


The problem lies within the 2 cell tags indicated in red above that are currently coded this way...
<td rowspan="2" width="50%">

The width attribute can either be eliminated completely, to have both cells read this way...
<td rowspan="2">

or... give them a lesser percentage.

<td rowspan="2" width="10%">

Problem solved.

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