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Having major issues with the Wi-Fi sync to my Nexus One. I have a large playlist that I sync to my phone, and as I envision using Winamp as my only syncing solution, I deleted all of the music off my phone in order for Winamp to put it all back on.

With doubleTwist I would generally sync overnight with my phone connected via USB to my computer, but as I am now using my phone as an alarm, Wi-Fi sync is a perfect overnight syncing solution.

The problem has become that the phone won't sync more than 12 songs at a time before failing out on the remainder of the tracks in the playlist. It generally syncs the first 8 tracks very fast, and then slows down to a crawl for the next 2-4 tracks and then fails out on the rest.

It doesn't always work to just re-initiate the sync either. It will generally error out after only 1 or 2 tracks on the second and subsequent attempts.

Anyone else having this issue?
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