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minor bug report and an existing feature improvement sugestion.
htc hero, unbranded, rooted, android 2.2. shuffle and replay buttons are missing from the portrait view, though they show up just fine in landscape.

now, i'm a little confused, because of what i've seen on screenshots of winamp 1.0 for android, these buttons appear in landscape on some screenshots.. and on some, not. but logically, i see no reason for them being cut out of the ui. all in all i don't see this:

i've never had any issues with missing ui elements. first timer.
i'm glad that browsing by genres i finally available in winamp. kudos to you, devs. but it could have been done in a little more neat way. don't get me wrong, i'd rather have it the way it is than not have it at all, it's just a persistent tweaker instinct.
hope no one is going to ban me for posting this on winamp forum (wink), but here's how it's done in songbird beta for android (relax, imho shoutcast integration gives winamp the edge here):

Uploaded with

Uploaded with
also, htc's music player, be it windows mobile or android, has it done in a similar manner:

Uploaded with
also, i've been playing a little with honeycomb stock music player (the one that looks very similar to gallery 3d app from nexus one) and it also has this kind of browsing philosophy.
btw, winamp got it right with the artist tag. {artists}>{all songs by artist, together with all albums list} - now that's handy.
hope i'll see something like this with genres browsing in the future releases.
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