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Winamp is the best music player I've used for Android so far. Mostly adding my support for a couple of issues raised previously.

1. When using shuffle, skipping back to the previous song, then skipping forward again returns a different song. It should return the same song, like Winamp for PC does (i.e. create a random playlist rather than randomly select the next song). Perhaps there could be an option in the settings menu for how shuffle works.
2. The play/fwd/back buttons are too small. They also aren't sensetive enough to short taps, although that's probably an OS/hardware limitation. In effect, it's difficult to control Winamp while running.
3. A proper bug: trying to hang up an outgoing call with my headset starts the player and doesn't hang up (the same effect whether the player was paused or playing when the call was made). As far as I can remember, answering an incoming call works properly (I can't remember if hanging up works in this case).

A couple of points I didn't see in the rest of the thread:

4. When searching for a song (using text search, as opposed to voice search) I can type the title of the song, verbatim, and it turns up about twentieth in the search results list, below a bunch of tracks from the same album that don't (in name, artist, album, or anywhere else I can see) contain the search term, and a couple of other random tracks and albums that have no relevance whatsoever. This only occurs for some specific songs. Presumably Winamp uses the OS search engine though?
5. A feature request: I have a headset with a single answer/hang-up button. I can double click to skip forward in Winamp, but on my iPod I can also triple click to skip back. I can't find another player that can do it, and it would be really useful.

- HTC Desire
- Android 2.2
- Bose IE2 Headset with Mic. (Current Version)
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