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Originally Posted by Number_1 View Post
Yes this is clear but i use the zoom function sometimes. It is useful and can be activated and controlled via hotkeys

and the question is: why is it interfering (only) with winamp 5.6.3
Ah... if you use the Zoom, then you have more experiments to do then.

Maybe a new driver will help. I can't be sure. I have the current drivers on my Win7 PC, but I don't think nwiz is installed on here.

I am sure there is a setting somewhere in the properties of Winamp that was to do with this nVidia nwiz thing, but I could not locate it last night when I had a quick look. Maybe worth a check through.

As to why - well it is Winamp skins that are being affected here, and there is going to be an issue when nVidia is then trying to rescale and reskin things itself on top of windows. (I have seen nwiz clash with other propucts as well)
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