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Trying to create, add to and save a playlist


I have Winamp in Modern skin version 5.63. I've Googled the instructions for creating and saving a playlist but they don't work.

First, I click on the left on the word Playlist and right click and it says create new playlist which I do and then name it and it saves that name.

But, when I go to add single song tracks I can only see Add to Media Library and if I click on that it just opens Windows Explorer and I can then import a folder of music but not individual tracks.

I'm trying to figure out once I have created a playlist name now I can add single tracks to that playlist?

Also, the directions say to just click File and Save Playlist will be listed. Save Playlist is not in the drop down menu nor can I find it anywhere.

I would very much appreciate your help.

Thank you kindly.
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