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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
(its a worthy exercise not only b/c it is called for in the bug report instructions, but also b/c u have times when things are unique to a user, like 3rd party codecs)
Of course a formal procedure has merit. When it comes to where this case falls on the bug list, there are bigger fish to fry, imo. But, like I said, if one of the devs wants a formal test, I'll be happy to join in.

As to the other thread (you linked) and 3rd party codecs, that has nothing to do with this case. I only use Winamp and Winamp provided codecs with my mp3s. That other thread was about a different format and I was associating it with a different app when our results differed. When I associated that format with Winamp, our results were the same.

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