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Originally Posted by k_rock923 View Post
In Vista+, I would use Libraries rather than the 'move' option. IMO, that option is intended for redirecting to a network share.
I do a mixture of both. First I get all the "default" C:\Users\Blah\ folders moved to a new drive. And then make use of the Libraries features to add in any other folders that are relevant.

This is especially neat on a client's laptop where there is are two partitions for "SYSTEM" and "DATA". Makes a rebuild so much simpler. And backups are quicker to do.

Libraries are great for a PC like mine with loads of hard disks. They especially come into their own when used with a DLNA aware TV.

I have dozens of extra Library categories. Helps me find stuff.

Actually - when I am setting up my OWN PC in "Full on Geek Mode" I move the WHOLE of the C:\Users\ branch as part of the installation. That way I can get my %APPDATA% folder moved without any registry hacking. But then that is a little advanced and OT for this thread.

Edit: I had to double check... Libraries are a Win7 thing. Not available in Vista, and hidden by default in Win8. Easy to bring back to Win8 as it is just an option in Explorer.
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