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I don't know enough about the router. Our router is from the company "Telekom", bought June 2007, and in the same month we got DSL at home. Our router has 4 connection sockets, and 2 of them are in use. It also has an antenna, not sure, if it works, cable LAN works, but I didn't get wireless LAN working. No matter, I use Windows Explorer for copying my files and not WIFI, and I don't need something like USB Sync or WIFI Sync. Sometimes we lose the internet connection on both PCs, and then we know, our router has to be restarted, but mostly the internet connection is stable.

2011 I have heard, that people get already VDSL, and I have just read also about VDSL1 and VDSL2, when I did the search.
A DJ from Munich has said a few days ago, that he has already fiberglass technology and a very fast internet connection, when he tried to upload a 25 GB video to YouTube. The first time he had a failed upload, the second time his upload was successful.

I have seen also 3 TB harddrives in the store Conrad. They are more expensive than 1 TB, and I have heard, also 4 TB harddrives exist. The very long Winamp-Milkdrop-Videos have very large file-sizes, and the screenrecordings themselves eat already very much disk space. Recording 2 and a half hours are very much work, and suddenly a pop-up-window of Norton, Antivir or Smart Defrag can ruin the whole screenrecording, and everything has to be repeated. The DJ had this trouble with Norton, he tried again and suddenly the partition was full, when 5 minutes had remained. The third try was successful, and then the fight with the uploading to YouTube began. It was really a fight to get the video there, where it is now. He has currently 27 long Winamp-Milkdrop-Videos on YouTube, mostly between 1 and 2 hours, and I wish to know, how many internal harddrives he has in his computer and also the capacity of his harddrives. I think, he has at least Windows 7, because he has said: "Vista? urgs -.-", when we had our discussion, and then I have mentioned the flickering-problems with Milkdrop 2 in desktop mode on the Windows 7 computer. 2x 4 TB in a Workstation PC, it sounds very beautiful, and it would be very good for many long Winamp-Milkdrop-Videos...

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