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Our old WLAN-router is dead now

It has happened now. In the night from the 2nd October to the 3rd October everything was okay, then we turned our PCs into the sleep mode. In the next afternoon I wanted to do something on Mixlr and I wanted to make a replacement-show, because the SHOUTcast-server had crashed, where a friend of us broadcasts, too. After turning on my PC the updates of Antivir had failed, and I saw the red cross in the taskbar right. Also the Bento Browser said, that the webpage could not be found. I thought, a restart of our WLAN-router would help, and I took the opportunity to make my next Winamp Backup. But then I discovered: Our WLAN-router was dead, totally, turning off and on did not help anymore. Frank and I were cut off from the world, while the others had celebrated the day of reunion.

Although I had made the settings to "always connected" on the new Windows Install, I was able to restart my Winamp. I played some of my own music-videos (WMV). Also the Real Player can be started without internet connection. I got the message, that I should connect my computer with the internet. Then I went to the library to update the database also there (the Real Player reads also my undo-playlists in AppData > Roaming). Then I added a few accounts in my reinstalled Windows Live Mail, I looked also to Frank's Windows Live Mail and I learned. Frank and I have decided: E-Mails for him to his PC, E-Mails for me to my PC.

Today I went to the bank and then to the shop of our telephone-provider to buy the following model of our old WLAN-router. At home I read the guide for our new router, I disconnected our old one and I connected our new one. Then I went to the website of our telephone-provider for the automatic configuration. The automatic configuration was possible, because I didn't buy our new router somewhere else. Finally we had our internet connection back.

4 days ago the supermarket Aldi got new monitors in the offer, and because Frank's old monitor makes more and more problems, I had bought already a new one. I think, it will last only some further days, then his old monitor cannot be turned on anymore. 5 days ago and also today I needed 4 tries to get his old monitor on. I always saw shortly the desktop, then his monitor got off again, and when it was finally on, it made abnormal noises in the first minutes.

3 things broke down since July. At first my old harddrive died (4 years old), currently Frank's old monitor is still dying on (nearly 10 years old), and yesterday suddenly our old router had died (6 years old). Will Frank's harddrive (6 years old) be the next? Especially, if we don't have the money to buy new things, then many things break down, one after the other. Maybe the time has come, maybe I have to leave the German Philosophy now and I have to change to the American Philosophy. And in this case You could be right, rockouthippie, because enjoying the life is more important. You have said: Don't worry, be happy...

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