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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Reproduced the crash with that file, also it doesn't crash when I open the mass tagger via the library only via playlist it crashes.

I've checked the file with MP3Val and there does not to seem any issues with the header or the tag.

I'm not able to create a report with procdump, when Winamp closed, procdump only said, that the process has been exited.
Koopa, Thanks for varifying that. I also tried to check the tags and such to see if there was any difference between the files that would make it crash and the ones that didn't. I wasn't able to find anything out of the ordinary.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
For me it's only crashing when I click 'Update' without actually updating any of the tags. If I select a tag and change it, then click 'Update', it doesn't crash. Is that what everyone else is seeing?
Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Nope getting the crash when i update 'Producer' field for example.
I get the crash no matter if I update a field or not, as long as I press update, it crashes. And like I said, on some mp3 files, it will crash, on others, it will not. So I don't know what the difference between the files (or way that the files are processed) might be.
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