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Sure, I will lose my account in Winamp Cloud soon, because also the related website Winamp Cloud will be shut down. These are some quotes from my own postings in my own Facebook -Page "Sternenmaschinebine":
55.63 GB used & 44.37 GB free (on PC: 300.86 GB used), 3976 tracks (on PC: 19818 tracks)... Not very long anymore...
"Important Message: The Winamp Cloud Beta service will no longer be available after December 20, 2013. Please download any files that you wish to keep prior to that date or they will be lost. Thanks for your participation in the Winamp community and beta program."
- This was the E-Mail, which I got on 20th November, but there is no download-button. Fortunately all files are already on my PC, on my notebook and on many USB-sticks. After Audiogalaxy also Winamp Cloud Beta will disappear, and it had only a short life...
55.76 GB used & 44.24 GB free (on PC: 300.99 GB used), 3982 tracks (on PC: 19824 tracks)... soon 0 GB used & 0 GB free, 0 tracks...

Then YouTube, MySpace, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, My Cloud Player etc. have to do the job, if I am not at home and I have to use another PC. They can be used also offline. I leave the links so many times for my friends in Facebook, and they all say: "Wow... So many playlists, so many music...".

Some members didn't test Winamp Cloud, because they are not in Facebook. But each Android-user is in Google+, not only each YouTube-user. And YouTube is still my Main Music Portal.

Okay, these are my musician page and my personal profile in Google+. And You will see, that I am in my biggest fight ever...

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