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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
@lostinsound: I don't have any etXXXX.vmd files. Only metXXXX.vmd on this PC.

The PC I am on now is a "install on top" installation. Has had dozens of releases - official and beta - all slapped on top of the old install.

I'll go look in my "virgin test build" machine to see if they are any on there.

You do realise these *.vmd files can be opened in notepad to look at?
I'm guessing when you install it over the top of a previous installation it doesn't touch the gen_ml.ini file so it's still pointing to the correct .vmd files with the 'm' at the front.

It looks like on a clean install when it generates the initial gen_ml.ini file the 'queryX_meta=' lines point to .vmd files without the 'm' at the front, even though the .vmd files that are initially put in the views folder do have the 'm' at the front. And so the new .vmd files get created the first time you click on a view so it can match the gen_ml.ini file. Just a guess, I'm not sure of the inner workings.

And yes I know they can be looked at in notepad but I'm not sure what that would help. Like I said there's no effect on the functionality I just thought it was strange.
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