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Originally Posted by TimbreWolf View Post
Hi fooWander,

I thought someone might ask. I had avoided mentioning specific examples as my memory is a little hazy on the subject at this stage and I didn't want to get into a debate which would mean having to go test them all again to prove a point.
No need to worry, I am pretty aware of the limitations of linux audio players and totaly understand when people don't want to spend endless hours every couple of months trying out every new audio player or release. That's what discussions like that are for; you name your requirements and someone else might tell you if there is or is no possible solution.

In any case, I believe many of my issues were related to the flexibility of column sorting available in Winamp For example, say I have 43 minutes free for a nap and I want to find a peaceful album of this length to match?
I don't know any audio player on linux that's able to do that. How do you do that with winamp?

Or in a different vein; say I want to play a random album out of those that have been added to my music collection in the last 6 months?
Quod Libet should be able to do that: #(added < 24 week) and filter random album

Or; say I want to know what track I was listening to at a particular time yesterday?
This should also be possible with Quod Libet: #(1 hours < lastplayed < 2 days)

These are the sorts of tasks which I find other software to struggle with and yet are right in front of you in Winamp. If you'd like to recommend a Linux player in particular which you think comes closest to Winamp's abilities I'd be happy to try it out and report back.

All the best,

Sadly you won't find any linux audio player that's anywhere near as powerful as Winamp or foobar2000, but there are a few who come close to that in some regards. Just to give you a quick summarization of audio players I find useful/powerful:

Quod Libet - support for custom tags and pretty large libraries, pretty nice search capabilities, some issues with gapless playback (mp3), plugin support, basically no visualizations, good replay gain support (incl. scanning)

Gmusicbrowser - basically the same as Quod Libet but without replay gain scanning, instead it has a customizable interface

DeaDBeeF - no library, only basic search, playlist centered, great gapless playback, customizable UI, interessting plugins (lyrics panel, filebrowser, waveform, ...), DSP support, CUE support, replay gain support (no scanning), custom tags support

The first two ones might be what you are looking for.
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