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Originally Posted by dopelabs View Post
I have updated the script to include support for shoutcast v1, shoutcast v2, and icecast.

Twittercast - Shoutcast/Icecast Song Title To Twitter Status Script

Supports Shoutcast V1 and V2 or Icecast

Register a new app at
Fill in API keys and server info in shoutcast.php or icecast.php (dont forget to set paths for title.txt!)
Upload title.txt, shoutcast_v1.php or shoutcast_v2.php or icecast.php, EpiCurl.php, EpiOAuth.php, and EpiTwitter.php to your webserver IN THE SAME DIRECTORY!
Change the file permissions for title.txt writable by ALL (chmod 777)
Visit shoutcast_v1.php or shoutcast_v2.php or icecast.php in your browser to trigger an update or setup a cron job.
cron job example:

*/3 * * * * php /home/username/public_html/

In this example php will execute shoutcast.php once ever 3 minutes. You may change to your desire.

man crontab for more info.

Please also note that this script may not work with your hosting provider. Many shared hosting providers have php configurations that will not support this script (no fsockopen).

This script will work properly on a defalt LAMP stack.

I can provide twittercast hosting services if desired.

not work sir,


twitter app config
- Access level : Read and Write
- Callback URL :

hmm how to resolve?
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