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Originally posted by sumosound
ok, we can understand jumpin pon people for cross posting actual spam that is totally unrelated to the shoutcast community, but when someone has nothing but time (4am?) to scour the boards for cross posting from actual longtime shoutcast users(sumosound, since nov '99) is takin it a bit far, especially considering the posts in question should in reality be on two completely different forums
First of all, you say that the posts in question are on two completely different forums - that is exactly what crossposting is - posting the exact same thing in more than one forum. The reason this is discouraged is that it is a pain in the ass to answer someones questions, only to find that it has already been answered in another forum. Or in this case, advertising a site or station - posting this kinda stuff in more than one forum fills them up very quickly with a lot of useless crap.

Therefore Seer quite rightly locked one of the threads - posting more than once isn't going to benefit anyone. Your advertisement is still there - the only difference now is that no-one can ad to the thread. He was also quite polite when locking your thread, so I really don't see what the issue is.

And as for the 4am thing - France, where Seer is from is 6 hours ahead, so in reality he locked your thread at 10am local time.

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