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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post

I assume that people feeling that WA without JTFE is a huge loss are sitting constantly in front of their PC, start to listen to one song, soon jumping to another one, oh no that third one is the one ... (i.e. simply wasting their time).
That could describe some people, but not me.

When just listening to music, I generally just load a playlist or two (or a customized smartview listing) and let them play. Sometimes I just want a general mix of things, sometimes music from a particular decade (or year), sometimes a particular genre, etc.

When making playlists and otherwise managing my music collection, I've come to find the features of JTFE to be a great help (and time saver).

Yes, it all depends on how a person uses their computer and apps. There is no one way that suits everyone. This is why I love Winamp. It's native options, along with 3rd party plug-ins, allows for a great deal of variation.

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