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Originally Posted by dopelabs View Post
its most likely a bandwidth capacity problem. all the symptoms are there..

its during north american/canadian internet 'rush hour' 8p-2a est

it seems to happen when your listener count gets high.

how many listener slots do they provide for your stream and how full is it when you start to experience problems?

im curious, do you have a shoutcast admin page where you can log in to your DNAS that hosted by radionomy?
Yeah. I kind of figured that was happening. It sux because when I was having the problems last year, they got "fixed" and I didn't have the cutting out problem for months, and then it starting cutting out again after the metadata stopped working in the web players. (Guess dude is still on vacation).

None of my Admin stats work anymore. They haven't in a long time. So, I'm not able to see what I have going on.

I really want to switch to a better service, but I'm not familiar with any other server software. I use the old school Winamp & Shoutcast DSP because it's the easiest. But I understand that my radio show is suffering from it. And I also don't have the extra funds to use a pay service. As my listener count is slowly rising, I think I'm going to have to figure something out since SC isn't doing anything to fix their problems. And it's a shame, because SC could be an amazing little service, but only when that service works properly.

If I do switch services, I need to find one that is idiot proof like Winamp/SC DSP. The command line driven ones are a headache.

Thank you for taking the time to help, Dopelabs. I really appreciate your input.
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