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Shuffle by Album

So, a cca month ago, it was exactly 10 years from the day I started using Winamp. I haven't found any music player that offered so many great features ever since and no one could talk me out of using it now. There's one 'but' though. A godzilla-meets-kingkong-size 'BUT' in fact.

After periodic searches for 'IT' from time to time, I've only today found out these queries date back to the release of Winamp3.


After 10 years! Seriously? If I would have known the developers were this lazy, I could have learned the programming languages, graduate magna cum laude from an IT uni and made the feature myself.
But instead, there are only semi-working plugins made by more gifted Winamp fans than I am. They did good considering they haven't been paid a single dime, unlike Winamp staff, but despite their efforts, it's still not 'IT'. The perfectly smooth working feature of the best music player.

So here's my wish for the official Wishlist. I want Shuffle by Album feature.
And I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.
It would be the coolest late gift for 10th anniversary of WA3 no doubt.

(btw, I'm posting a new thread only because bumping old ones never seemed to have worked for me on other forums)
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