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Uninstaller without language selection

I am getting complaints about my uninstaller. Some background: My installer creates variations of the same application; Each installation variant must be uninstalled before any new install; My installer looks for "uninstall.exe" and executes it if it exists after which the installer must be restarted to initiate a new installation.

The problem description:
Basic sequence as designed is as follows.
Language Select
Detect "uninstall.exe" in the onInit function
if exists, execute "uninstall.exe", else Finish install

If uninstall executes, I get a new language selection, a confirmation dialog, the uninstall completes with a close dialog, and finally a success OK dialog.

The desired solution:
No new language selection during uninstall
No uninstall close dialog
The uninstall success OK dialog is good because it indicates the end of uninstall.
Ideally I would like to continue with a new install without having to restart the installer after an uninstall. The problem I have here is that I can't seem to get the installer to wait until the uninstall is complete before continuing. As a result the install and uninstall actions are competing with each other (one is deleting files while the other is trying to add new files).

I don't mind restarting as much as I don't like the repeating language selection and other dialogs during uninstall so a solution to this part is a priority. Getting the installer to continue after an uninstall is desired but not critical.

Is there a method to disable the individual uninstall dialogs?
How would I control an uninstall action so that the installer waits for uninstall to complete before continuing with a new installation?
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