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Hi Ben
choosing a login name different from the author's name was possibly not my best idea, but my proper name was already taken so I came up with something similar.

sometimes it's funny, or scaring, or disturbing, outrageous, or...romantic, or too much personnal to be written here
Yes. When I first discovered milkdrop and it took me to trance, I felt quite a mystic aura around the preset's names. Twelve years later, that is rather gone.

Arturro. ok, thank you for this info. I am going to try to find his 13 posts and try to contact him if that is possible.
Extremely unlikely. He never showed up again.

I would have a question : does the tone you use speaking about him supposes that this guy hasn't be able to respect original creator's work with not writing the names in the titles of presets?
I guess he simply did not bother.

If you are absolutely sure that a noname credit should be a better solution
Some don't respect the etiquette, and it's up to you how to deal with that.

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