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Hello Tony,

I have just searched You on YouTube and Google+, but I didn't find You yet.

I am very curious, that You want to upload videos on YouTube. To register for YouTube, You have to register also for Google+. If You don't like that, alternatively I can suggest also Vimeo, although videos on Vimeo cannot be embeded in a forum's post, only videos on YouTube...

BTW, for my own music-videos I use the built-in screenrecorder of MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 Premium. Also Fraps, Camtasia or Hypercam can be used, after the Milkdrop Visualizer has been put onto the desktop. I myself don't display the desktop icons, if I have Milkdrop 2 in desktop mode. Also I have found out, at first I can load the presets, which I want to have, preset after preset, then I can leave the loading mode and step back until I have the first loaded preset, before I put Milkdrop 2 on the desktop.

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