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Yup, probably. Note how there's also no bitrate/bps/frequency Info in Alt+3.

The pledit reads metadata info in the headers to get the file time, so if it doesn't show it means that the file format/splitter/decoder combo doesn't provide Winamp with that information. Whereas the main window shows the length/time of the actual file after it's been properly scanned for playback. Or something along those lines anyway.

The main thing is that flv playback works, heh.


It's actually in_dshow that doesn't support those things.
Alas, it was only written to support AVI and MPEG (and originally, also WMV) container formats. The only other format it will show tracklength/bitrate/etc for is WAV.

Alas(2), we aren't licensed to play any other formats.
All of H.264/AVC/MPEG4, Sorenson H.263/SVQ1/3, QT RLE/PZA/8BPS/MOV, etc, require a (fairly costly) license for us to be able to provide official native decoding support.
So basically, support for these codecs wasn't added to the in_dshow specification.

[Edit #2]

The above-referenced limitation is fixed/addressed in Winamp 5.51 :-)
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