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Originally posted by DJ Egg
youtube/google flash videos play fine for me by adding ;FLV to the Extension List in in_dshow config (prefs > plugins > input) and using the FLV Splitter to demux and ffdshow to decode (yes, make sure FLV1 is set to libavcodec in ffdshow video decoder config).

To install the splitter, extract it to your %system% dir, then go to:
Start > Run
Type: regsvr32
Hit Enter

(note: you might need to install 7Zip to extract from .7z)

More info here

Note: %system% refers to wherever the system dir is for your Windows OS.
eg. the default for WinXP is usually "C:\Windows\System32"
for Win2k it's "C:\WinNT\System32"
for Win9x/ME it's "C:\Windows\System"
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