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How to get a Report out of the logs?

I'm just craving the whole network after some open source Log Parsers. I found 3 interesting Tools from Dragonwire, Xitara and Starnetwork.
What i want is to get statistics from shoutcast, on which daytime are the most users online, who and how much unique listeners, where are they came from and so on. I prefer an graphical output, but if that is not possible I can make them in my own in SPSS.

The problem is that none of those tools work for me... I tried everything for almost 3 days with a lack sleeptime.
I run those programms in XAMPP, on several servers (without the server where shoutcast are) but i tried to load the logs manually. Another problem is that the file sc_serv is not the log i am searching for, i found serveral interesting files but i dont know the right one.

Maybe one of you guys here have a clue what to do.

PS: Sorry for my bad english i am from Germany (But I am not one of those guys who cant spell th )
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