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- Apparently the zip file contains three different (but also mixed wild because someone can not properly use the zip program) programs with more or less the same purpose

- Program Number 1 "LogParse" is an old program in PERL. They should call it, then answer a few questions and then it was supposed to generate new Perl files that parse the log and turn it into a graph. The Config-fuss works, but the works unfortunately not generate the files. Not continue to debug.

- Program Number 2 "Radio Statistics" sounds very promising. The documentation describes it as a PHP program (easy to call any system with installed PHP with php <filename>). Unfortunately, located in the directory supplied no PHP as the description says, but PERL code. What kind of nonsense is that?

- The third program "SN_SLP" actually works still best after configuring it generates HTML code anyway. But it contains so many errors that more error messages appears as code (Made in Romania). In any case, you must turn off the server in SAFE_MODE so the thing at all can access files. That's half a decade not even exist.
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