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Originally posted by ulillillia
I've seen that you've fixed the case with larger avatars, but I still see it as 50x50 in the profile. Was that the original size? What is the new size, if it is actually available?

Craig updated the text so it would say 100 x 50 (widescreen).

Originally posted by ulillillia
Also, a suggestion. For images wider than, say, 640 pixels, the image should be scaled down (keeping aspect ratio) and made clickable so a full-size version can be viewed. This prevents unwanted stretching for those who view wide images (such as my 1920x1440 screenshots) at a very low resolution without stretching the table enough to have horizontal scrolling. I can program the algorithm (in C anyway, not PHP) if you want since that should be fairly easy for me to do (being the math whiz I am). I can even have it so users (or the admins only) would be able to choose their maximum allowed widths (likely to be 1600 for me, but others may use 1280, 1024, 800, or 640 for their screen resolution). Allowing these options is beyond my knowledge for use in the forums, but I can have the algorithm support anything (out to maybe 65,535, the limit of a short).
That is in the works afaik. I know MoonMan is at least aware of the issue because there is also an issue with plug-ins and skins that needs this resize stuff added.

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