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Thanks as always for the in deep reply. Here we go:

1, 2 and 4: Are you sure you're using last Winamp version? (cover and text alignment is a design decision, it's basically a top-left alignment meant to look fine 90% of the time even when long text force it to stretch)

3 You can't. It's the fun part of color theme support heh. The workaround is to use those images like custom backgrounds (save it somewhere else or pick it from Skin folder\backgrounds).

5 It's due to one of 2 reasons:
a. On some webs the browser doesn't finish loading all the elements (you see the address bar still active). This is probably due to the Internet Explorer config.
b. A matter of time, looks like the original script takes some time to accommodate to the new address, so you need to give it an extra second before using the Right click on it. It happens on my cPro2 install too (it uses the same technology, but without the need to install the whole plugin)
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