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But what is it for? If I remember correctly, it previously allowed a "sent to" function to be performed if it was right-clicked on.

In the playlist editor, a single click or right-click on an item highlights it in a different color than the currently playing item. This lets you select 1 or more items (shift or control + click), that may or may not include the currently playing item, in order to perform various actions on them.

On this panel, multiple items can not be selected and that indicator appears next to the item that is single clicked, double clicked, or right-clicked on. So it indicates what was last clicked on, but serves no other purpose that I can see.

Forget these last few posts. I'm being dumb today. I now see that the indicator shows the item that the "move up", "move down", and "- remove" acts on. I assume that "+ add" items are placed above or below the indicated item (I had not used those functions yet).

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