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bleh, ELP

I'm shocked and outraged

Ok, Keith Emerson was always surrounded by keyboards
but not the whole band
ie. Greg Lake played bass and Carl Palmer was always surrounded by 20 drum kits

Nah, this lot were the grandfathers of all modern electronic music (ok, not including the likes of Stockhausen) and are still going strong today, though only the guy at the back in the pic is still in the band.

The dude on the left was only a brief band member, on one tour in 1975,
the guy in the middle was there from 1969 to 1986
and the main man with the bad hair problem, from 1968 to 2004+

Where ELP were ok, this lot were/are awesome!

I honestly thought the keyboards/synths were a major clue,
not to mention the filename.

hmm, spaceplay's pic . . .

I recognize them, but dang me if I can name them.
Give us a clue

lol @ marvin's Tooth, Hair, Tan and Whig
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