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10,000 Days

Alright, so here it is.

I wanna hear what you guys think of this amazing new album from the Progressive masters, Tool.

It ties

1993's Undertow,

1996's �nima


2001's Lateralus,

but it also brings in a new direction for their music. If you have it you'll definetly agree with me on how amazing the artwork is. The implication of stereoscopic lenses to focus the album art into a 3D journey is worth the $20 alone...

The tracks of highlight for me are:
Wings for Marie/10,000 Days. Simply the most epic piece of recording I have ever come across; 17 minutes of excellence. I reckon this one beats Reflection and Parabol/Parabola off Lateralus.

Vicarious and Jambi are heavier providing links to their earlier recordings, and Vicarious being very similar to Lateralus' Schism.

The Pot, well that's somethging very unique, as is Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned. Finally, Intension, Right in Two and Viginti Tres are all perfert tracks to draw the album to a calming close.

Danny Carey as a drummer has delved into some amazing skill in this album, Jasons bass lines are brought to a new level, Jones' works well with Maynard's vocal style on the album, overall the musician ship is impecable.

It took a couple of listens to get used to but the musical direction in this 10,000 Days is simply amazing...

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